Trip to the beach with swimming


Trip to the beach with swimming on the horse’s back. (the durationis about 2 hrs and more). The Red Sea is already amazing by itself, but swimming in it when you are riding the same time is the best feeling you can ever try. The trip starts from the desert and beach and our professional instructors will control any moves you do because there are no saddles on the horses in that moment. And then you slowly move in the water our horses like and enjoy swimming as well. Feel the full merged with nature transecting warm waves of the sea. After the swimming you will start your way back to the stable, where you’ll have a chance to introduce with the rest of our animals which have found them home in our farm.

Amazing trip to EL Gouna


Amazing trip to EL Gouna on Harmony Beach (the duration is about 5 hrs). Which one of us didn’t watch some lovely clips with models riding amazing horses? The wind ruffles them hair, manes, and tales twine as flags, and all those beauties can be seen between golden sand and azure sea. The beach is the greatest discovery for those who want to fly over by gallop along the wavy edge watching splashing spatters which are out from horse’s hooves. Then you’ll have a great chance to discover the desert’s open spaces on your way to the mountain chains.

Trip to the desert


Trip to the desert (the duration is about 2 hrs and more, a cording to the request). Do you remember the moovies about the «wild west» and cowboys. Would you like to feel yourself an adventurer who discovers the desert spaces riding our arab horses? Our quite and well trained horses will give you a chance to pass through amazing adventures, and all those things are possible for all types of requests. It incudes experienced riding level, beginners, and the most important, that even kids feel safe and happy. Our professional instructors will organize the trip enough comfortable, interesting and safe. Meet a romantic sunrise in the desert and enjoy an amazing sunset. There is a short stop in the desert, so you can try the real Bedouin tea on coffee. (the duration is above 3 hrs).

Trip to the mountains


Trip to the mountains. Are you an experienced rider? Are you fond of adventures and you like to feel an active leisure? That means this small trip is for you. Gallop through the immense desert to the strong mountains. Feel the breath of virgin places, where is no civilization and human hand, riding between stone giants you will. Feel all those ancient secrets which the Earth keeps through thousand years. Om your way back you can show you the real eastern hospitality on the most pure level.

Trip to the forest


Trip to the forest (duration 2 hrs) If anyone tries to proof you that Egyptian desert is lifeless - never believe to it! There is a real forest which is located on outskirts of the city. We offer you a unique chance to experience it on horseback and walk along soft paths covered with needles among lush green vegetation - a real oasis in the desert. And what is the most interesting and amazing that coniferous and deciduous trees are so contrasting with sandy landscape and palms so familiar in Hurghada.

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